Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII

2004 - V Salón Manga de Jerez.
2006 - I Jornadas de Manga y Anime de AniRaise (remake)


2006 - Best Cosplay (I Jornadas de Manga y Anime de Aniraise).
The wig was the hardest but at the same time the best aspect of this costume. I used a normal wig, and I stylized it using foam and glue. I couldn't try it on until the day of the convention, so I was quite nervous because I didn't know if it would work or not.  Fortunately, the result was actually good.
    I made the normal sword for the first version of my costume. It was  rubbish, I didn't know yet anything about materials, so I used foam and some adhesive paper to cover it with. Then I painted it in silver.
    Years after, I decided to wear that costume again, and I made a new sword for that ocassion: this time I chose the Hard Edge sword, and I was quite satisfied with the results. 

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