About Shirak

Cosplayer Name

Graphic Novel & Storyboard Artist and Photographer

Location (work)
London, UK (Sometimes also in Berlin, Germany)

Best Cosplay (I Jornadas de Manga Anime Aniraise), Best cosplay (II Jornadas de Manga Anime Aniraise), Best individual (IX Salón Manga de Jerez), Best stagger zombie (Capcom Zombie Walk, London)

General info
I don't really like to talk about personal stuff on the internet.
       However, I can tell that I've been "officially" making cosplays since 2001; I made my first one for the II Salón Manga de Jerez convention back in Spain (though, I've always been dressing up since I was a child; it's a huge tradition back in my home town!).
      Thanks to that first convention I discovered that amazing cosplay world and I started to feel curious about it. Nowadays, is one of my most precious hobbies. Since that first cosplay I've been finding out new methods and techniques, improving my skills, developing sewing skills, and even stylizing wigs...
        I could also use some of my sculpture and art skills/knowledge in order to create some props and weapons.
        Now I work in the UK as a multidisciplinary artist, and I'm looking forward to get some more jobs as a photographer.

       I hope you enjoy this site!