Audrey & Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors

2011 - IV Japan Weekend Barcelona
I made this costume for the Yamato Cosplay Cup Spanish Representative finals. You can enter the contest with a costume with a non-japanese character, so I saw this as a chance to wear a costume from a film, and I could also make the man-eating-plant.
     The performance is quite important for the Yamato Cosplay Cup standars, so I made some props, audio and everything related to the film. The costumes I made were not too difficult or ambicious (that's right, I made this costume purely for fun, and I didn't give a shit if it was rubbish or not because I don't need to prove anything to anyone; I actually wanted to have fun and a good time with the rest of the contestants; I love the film and I just wanted to participate into the masquerade with it to have some fun).
      It wasn't an easy project because of the big plant. The organisation of the contest in Spain was not really that professional, so they let us know dates and stuff for the finals within just a couple of months in advance. 

     I wanted to make the plant properly, this means, using servomotors, mold&cast, etc., but I couldn't make it because of the short notice from the organizers. Finally, I just made up another way to make the plant move: just a pedal-bin!. 

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