Teen Wolf (Scott Howards) from Teen Wolf

2011 - May London MCM Expo

I started this costume some time ago, I actually wanted to make the prom-outfit so I could wear it for the International Cosplay Ball. Unfortunatelly, I couldn't assist to the last edition, and sadly there's no cosplay ball in London this year. 
     So, after some time I decided to continue it and I changed my mind about the outfit. Finally, I just made his highschool clothes. I made everything: face makeup prosthetics, hairy hands, claws, highschool jacket, shirt and trousers. This costume has been featured on the film/documentary "Cosplayer - the movie" made in England. 
      It was actually a very satisfactiory costume. I really like the outcome, the way that the makeup actually worked, the fact that I could keep working with latex and prosthetics, and the little performance I did during the contest.

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