Gally v.1 (motorball) from Gunnm (Battle Angel Alita)

2010 - III Japan Weekend Madrid



Ok, I could rate this costume as one of my worst costumes. I don't like it at all. But, I made it in a rush and in a chaotic period of my life, where I had to carry the unfished costume in a bag through three different countries and stuff. So thinking about that it didn't turn out that bad after all. I forgot to cover the letters on the Tshirt, though. Big mistake.
    I worn this costume on a Spanish event, and I decided I won't do that again, not in Spain. Spanish cosplay panorama is not very welcoming, to put it in a polite way. 
    I made a version of the motorball suit where Gally doesn't wear the skates, but actual shoes/feet. I used plastic, plastic bottles (yeah recycling!), crafty foam, and stuff.
    I can actually say that I'm happy just with the makeup, earrings, wig and props.
So, I need to remake it eventually. 

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