Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice

2010 - Cosplay Cruise (London)



I've never worn this kind of dress before, not even a petticoat, so the fact that I had to create from scratch a dress like this was the most difficult task. Besides, I don't have a mannequin, so I had to improvise one using a pillow and a chair. That way, I could hold the petticoat still, and then measure the fabrics, cut them, pin the tulle and sew it on. Also, I couldn't find the right spotted red tulle, so I had to paint with acrylic paint the spots where you can actually see them (the neck part).
    This reference pictures were not as good as they should've been, and the screenshoots from the film are not good enough, since she wears the dress in very dark scenes.

Reference pictures

Photos by Ria & Freddie

Photo by Rob Dunlop