Poison from Final Fight (I)




I wanted to do this costume since I never saw a Final Fight 1 cosplay of it. I mean, the only cosplays I've seen are the new versions with the denim shorts and red shoes. 

I wanted to portrait the original first version of the character (even though I didn't have the perfect wig... Actually, I had that wig for an Ulala costume project I never finished; so I decided to recycle that wig and make a Poison costume).

I remember playing this game on a PC mame emulator with my brother when I was a child. And once I grew up and learnt about Poison's gender controversy, I liked her even more! Honestly, a sexy girl punching people in the streets that turns out is a transgender s/he! Too cool!

Now, about the costume: The only interesting new thing to experiment with this costume was the police hat. It was a very easy costume. And yet I didn't bother to get a new wig! (too poor and also an improvised costume :P ).

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