Interview and several costume reviews in the book Cosplay: El Arte de Disfrazarse

Lydia Deetz's photograph published in the book Cosplay Fever Red

Pris' photograph inclued in the Cosmode#35 japanese magazine issue 35, CosNaps section (Picture by Mark K)

Diario de Cádiz Newspaper 

Griffith's photograph inclued in the Cosmode#29 japanese magazine issue 29, CosNaps section (they made a mistake and changed my country of origin's flag -Spain- and put the Brazilian one instead) 

Photography exhibition about cosplay at the IV Salón del Manga de Cádiz (2009)

Internet stuff! 
Interview by Cosplayers blog

Interview by Nazion-cosplay 

Interview by E-chan 

Some artwork inspired by my costumes:

Cosplay Costume Blog featured the same interview made by Cosplayers
Ken Masters cosplay featured at Cosplay of Girl blog. 
E-chan, a great french cosplayer, featured my Salad Fingers costume on her website.
Meagan VanBurkleo kindly made a review of my RE2 Zombie costume in one of her
Videogame Cosplay entries, check it out! 

Kosupure chose one of my Pris' picture taken by Lirin as the picture of the month - foto del mes de Febrero 2010:

Jack Moreno talked about my Pris costume on his blog about Blade Runner

Some info on the french website Manga Base 

The amazing artist Brandon Graham kindly commented something about my John Connor costume on his blog
My beloved Blackcat made a really cool CG fanart